Improving your HPLC Separations - Develosil USA

Improvements to your existing HPLC method can be overwhelming at first. Whether it’s aiming to improve selectivity, improve reproducibility, or improving the cost-efficiency of your separations, a good place to start is to try alternative stationary phases/columns.

Develosil HPLC columns use high-quality silica gel that is manufactured in-house that can offer improvements to your HPLC method. We are in constant development to improve our silica gel manufacturing to improve your column performance. In the past couple years, Develosil has released a new column line: the HSR Series. The HSR series adopts a silica gel that has a large surface area to obtain high retention capacity. With the addition of organic solvent, you can achieve improvements in your selectivity.

Overall, the manufacturing from the Si gel to the final packed HPLC column offers you great benefits. For example, Develosil performs strict quality checks along the way to give you the reproducibility you need for your HPLC method. Also, since there is less middleman in the process, this gives you the cost savings that you need!

Develosil is dedicated to improving your HPLC separations. Contact us today to get started.