A novel analytical procedure for assaying lysozymes - Develosil USA

Lysozymes (EC. are widely recognized for their contribution to the antibacterial defense in many animals and their use as a preservative in foods and pharmaceuticals. [1] The key characteristic for all lysozymes is their ability to hydrolyze the ß-(1-4)-glycosidic bond between the alternating residues of peptidoglycan, a unique bacterial cell wall polymer.[1] There are many approaches to study the lysozyme activity such as using chitooligosaccharides, but these approaches often require study for overall kinetic rates to later dissect into individual rates.[2] Ogata, et. al. were able to create a novel analytical procedure for studying lysozyme activity undergoing a single cleavage reaction, which simplifies the kinetic measurements.[3]

The research group was able to synthesize ß-D-galactosyl-chitotetraose derivative [Ga(GlCN)3D] from chitin tetrasaccharide [(GlcN)4] using chemical and enzymatic modifications. Subsequently, the hydrolytic action of lysozyme on Ga(GlCN)3D was then analyzed.[3] Overall, they were able to synthesize a novel compound that can serve as a basis for studying enzyme kinetics as well as develop a new assay method for quantifying lysozymes.[3]

Ogata, et. al. used quantitative HPLC-UV to aid this development of this novel analytical procedure. They used HPLC-UV to study the enzymatic-transglycosylation reaction for the synthesis of Gal(GlCN)3D, to measure the reaction products of chitin oligosaccharide derivatives, and to verify a portion of the lysozyme assay system using Gal(GlN3)D as the substrate.[3] The HPLC -UV system consisted of a Develosil ANIDIUS column and detection at 210 nm.[3]

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