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Contract Analysis


We provide quick results to aid your troubleshooting efforts, helping you solve your problem now so you don’t have to waste precious resources down the road.

Providing the optimal method with the experience and achievement of 40 years.

Develosil celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. We have applied the method development and column technology we have cultivated over the years to our contract analysis.

Advantages of our contract analysis:

  • An abundant lineup of HPLC columns makes it possible to select the best column

  • Customizable packing material

  • We perform the method development from HPLC to UHPLC, from research development to quality control all at once.

You can select the best plan for yourself either starting from scratch or simply run a quantitative analysis using a method we have confirmed.

Please use our Contract Analysis Service to quickly resolve your problems.

Service Plans

We have five types of plans available in our contract analysis service.

1. Column Selection Service

We can select the optimal column for the target compound based on the pre-developed methods provided by you. Start your work seamlessly by using Develosil’s best fitting column.

3. Method Development Service

Just send us your samples. Leave the rest to us. By simultaneously developing a method and selecting a column, the total optimal method will be established. We meet all sorts of needs, including analysis of complex compounds and optimal conditions.

2. Column Selection & Customization Service

This column selection service is more detailed than the first service. We can customize your existing analytical conditions and derive the best columns. This is ideal for customers whose main focus is improving separation.

4. Reproducibility Test Service

Demonstrate reproducibility with your existing methods. Running quantitative analysis can also be used as a reproducibility test by an external organization. You can combine it with any service.

5. Compound Purification Service

We provide purification service, up to a few hundred grams, including chiral separation. We provide high-purity samples promptly based on the needs of our customers.


Contract Analysis Price

You can select as many plans as you need when you need them. Your budget will be easily set with this simple pricing structure.

MenuBasic FeeAnalysis fee/SampleAnalysis ConditionsSample
1. Column Selection Service$1,875$125RequiredRequired
2. Column Selection & Customization Service$2,500$125RequiredRequired
3. Method Development Service$3,750$125Not RequiredNot Required
4. Reproducibility Test$1,250$125RequiredRequired
5. Compound PurificationContact Us

Example of contract analysis price

If you select “Method Development Service” + “Reproducibility Test Service” with five samples:

Method Development Service basic fee: $3,750
Reproducibility Test Service basic fee: $1,250
Analysis fee (five samples $125 x 5): $625

*In this case the samples are overlapped. You only need to pay a single basic fee.


Miscellaneous fees

The above is the typical price list for each service. If we need to purchase a sample of any material, we will charge an additional cost.
If you would like to have a custom analysis, we will send you a different contract analysis fee. Please contact us for a better understanding of your needs.

Procedure (e.g. Method Development Service)

Our contract analysis services can be performed in 4 simple steps.

The process is easy!!

Step 1. Contact US

Please let us know what kind of sample/condition you are working with. Our experienced staff will propose the best service for you. Also, please let us know if you need a quote.

Step 2. Send us your sample

We will send you instructions for shipping samples to us. We can issue a non-disclosure agreement if required.

step 3. Method development

After receiving the samples, we will conduct the method development which you selected.

Step 4. Sample analysis

We will send you a report regarding the result and an invoice.


  • The detectors we use for our contract analysis service are limited to UV detectors, fluorescent detectors, and RI detectors. Please contact us for analysis service with LC/MS.
  • The price listed is as of January 2021. Please note that the price may change without prior notice.
  • Sales tax is not included in the price.
  • Should you require a non-disclosure agreement, we will be happy to provide it.