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Introducing a new UHPLC Series dedicated for UHPLC analysis.

Introducing a new UHPLC Series dedicating for UHPLC analysis.

Complete solution with using one type of particle

The Develosil UHPLC Series is designed for UHPLC analysis with using pure 1.6 µm silica particles. C30, C18, C8, C1 and HILIC functional groups provide the ability to tune selectivity and retention time for a wide range of analytes.

Working on hydrophilic compounds, start with C18 and then try C8 or C1 based on the required retention.  When targeting highly polar compounds, C30 or C1 will show more characteristic separation. To retain highly polar compounds that normally elute near the front peak, choose HILIC and a highly organic initial mobile phase.

Ultra-pure silica gel material

The Develosil UHPLC Series utilizes our purest silica yet. This selection further reduces unnecessary metal coordination and results in sharper peak shapes. Moreover, this selection results  in high tolerance to the extreme pressure ranges encountered in UHPLC.

Establish new mobile phase conditions with more variety in pH.

The Develosil UHPLC Series opens the way to a dynamic pH change of your mobile phase conditions. C30 provides more dynamic change on its retention comparing to C18. It is possible to achieve the optimal retention and separation for highly polar compounds by changing the pH of your mobile phase. This feature will help you create favorable LC/MS conditions in a short time.

Changing the pH can easily change the pattern of a chromatogram’s profile. In addition to this, establishing a new analytical method that does not require ion pairing reagents can greatly improve the column’s loading capacity and cleaning efficacy.


NEW! Develosil HSR C18 Peptide

NEW! Develosil HSR C18 Peptide

Today Develosil has launched a new HPLC column: Develosil HSR C18 Peptide. This column was specifically designed to target peptides, amino acids, and nucleic acids. It adopts HSR’s refined silica gel base material and is Develosil’s first exclusive column that controls functional group density. This allows the column withstand harsh analysis conditions that are repeatedly changing during method development.

For more information, take a look at the product brochure here or contact us directly!