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Develosil HPLC Column

Product Release – March 2018

For Amino Acids, Peptides and Nucleic Acids.
Nomura Chemical Develosil HPLC Column HSR C18 Peptide, for amino acids, peptides and nucleic acids

Targetting low molecular to medium molecular compounds.

Develosil USA

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Our Difference

Develosil columns have a rich history and been manufactured since 1979. We are famous our C30 columns.

The history doesn’t stop there. Develosil is in constant development of new quality HPLC columns. Our most recent release was this past March. Find out more information here.

Why are our columns top quality? The entire Develosil series is manufactured from the silica gel packing material to the final packed column all in-house providing quality, reproducible, and cost-efficient separations.

To help our customers, we’re providing free consultation to help your HPLC column transition to Develosil. This may include our own in-house analytical testing! Please contact us today!


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